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Raptors HQ TV - The Week In Pre-Draft Workouts Reviewed

The fearless RaptorsHQ on The Street team is back...only not so much on the street in this latest edition of RaptorsHQ TV. Franchise and Scott come to you via the ACC and yesterday's edition of pre-draft workouts.

The duo talk about yesterday's session in particular, highlighting the work done by Quincy Acy and JaMychal Green, but also look at the week in workouts that was, and the fact that the Raptors seem to be pretty happy with the position they're in heading into the final days of pre-draft preparation.

Should that be the case though?

There's a myriad of lottery names that the team has yet to see via individual workout sessions, but potentially late next week, indeed the Dinos will get an up close look at many of them.

Franchise and Scott touch on this and a variety of other draft workout topics in the latest Darren Bondy produced masterpiece!