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Workout for Sacre in Charlotte, But Don't Hold Your Breath

Robert Sacre, fresh off a recent Draft workout with Toronto was in Charlotte yesterday to go through the drills with the Bobcats.

Now this is an interesting situation for him, I think.

Though he may have been a player that was thrown into the mix to get more bigs in for workout, the Bobcats have all their bigs locked up into next year at least. That means that the logjam of Diop, Ty Thomas, Biyombo and BJ Mullens plus a possible qualifying offer for DJ White would mean little to no playing time for Sacre. At least in the immediate future.

Charlotte does have the second pick in the Draft and that will likely go to either Thomas Robinson or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and if it's Robinson, the frountcourt gets that much more crowded.

Unless there is something brewing, and with an owner like Michael Jordan there could very well be, I wouldn't expect Sacre to land in Charlotte. Even with the first pick of the second round in their possession the crowd that will likely be playing frontcourt by committee next season not a scenario that Sacre would fit in right now.