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Lunchbox Links - Mock Draft Updates, Players the Raptors Should Target and More

Lots of draft links on the go so thought we'd touch in for a Saturday edition of LBL.

To kick things off, Jonathan Givony of Draftexpress brings us an updated mock draft along with a pick-by-pick explanation over at Yahoo! Sports. He, like many other draftniks, still have the Raptors locked in on Lamb with the eighth pick.

Sam Amick has Lamb going to the Raps too in Sports's Mock Draft 2.0, while the other popular name on draft boards, Damian Lillard, heads to Toronto at 8 courtesy of Slam's Draft Board.

Speaking of Lillard, Hoopsworld takes a look at his meteoric rise up the NBA Draft boards, and also take a look at one of the biggest question marks in this draft, Andre Drummond.

Going back to Lamb, he's one of the players ESPN is noting that has something to prove to NBA types. Another player? Royce White, who's anxiety issues may be giving teams pause, something that's Myron Metcalf notes is completely unfair.

Even without the anxiety issues though, there's of course no guarantee that Royce, or any prospect really, will turn into a bonafide NBA stud. The best bet? Look at players who have had great assist, block and offensive rebound rates per 40 minutes in college. Those are some of the more translatable stats based on various analytical research and therefore picks out a few players that fit these criteria; Tyler Zeller, Kendall Marshall, Scott Machado and Anthony Davis.

For the Raptors, Raptorsrepublic's Tom Liston does a similar analysis and identifies prospects like Mizzou's Kim English and New Mexico's Drew Gordon as player the Raptors may wish to target in the second-round.

Another interesting second-round prospect? Florida State big man Bernard James, who not only will be one of the more mature players should he enter the NBA next season, but also one of the least intimidated thanks to his amazing story.

Finally, another view of the success of the Oklahoma City Thunder and their work via the NBA Draft...via a little back and forth from