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Video - Whitaker and Nelson Discuss '92 Dream Team

Everyone see the Dream Team documentary on NBA TV Canada tonight? If you missed it, set your PVR's or VCR's (hey, I still rock one) for 1:00 AM EST for the replay because it's a fascinating piece of work, regardless of whether or not you were a fan of that team or not.

Never again will we likely see the collection of talent, not to mention egos, on one club, a club built for international competition no less.

And yes they did cruise through said competition and set up the blueprint for USA basketball as we know it today, but as the documentary shows, it wasn't without a few bumps along the way.

As a part of SB Nation's continuing video content, Amy K Nelson talks to Slam's Lang Whitaker about the '92 Dream Team, on the 20th anniversary of that formidable group. Whitaker spent six months researching the material on Jordan, Bird, Magic and co. in preparation for the Dream Team Doc, and he talks to Nelson about the process, and some of the interesting stories that came out as a result: