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Andrew Nicholson Worked Out By Suns Tuesday

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So it seems that Andrew Nicholson had apparently worked out with the Phoenix Suns this past Tuesday and is somewhat of a surprise.

The Suns are projected to have the 13th pick (and there is plenty of time for them to make a move with the pick) and though the talk around Nicholson has been very positive since the NBA Draft Combine last week, I find it hard to imagine that he'll going to shoot up this high right now.

I find it interesting that the Suns are taking a page from the Toronto Raptors and keeping the whole situation rather quiet right now. Considering that the team is coming of a rare season where they missed the Play Offs and what can be a major overhaul of the team this summer, the need to suddenly keep everything under wraps gets me thinking that there could be more to this whole situation.

Regardless, I have been saying that Nicholson will likely have his name steadily moving up the Draft boards and really, I wouldn't be surprised if the Suns were looking at him as a piece for the future. Moving up that high would represent a seriously high amount of confidence in his ability to improve the a team's frontline situation as well as an ability to improve his overall ability as well. Tall orders indeed in my books.

I'm not sure if Nicholson is at that franchise saving point yet but it's completely plausible that a team, like the Suns, would be willing to gamble on him and move themselves out to the Lottery to pick up him up. This is the same Suns team that took Robin Lopez at 15 over Roy Hibbert and Serge Ibaka in 2008 so I think anything is possible but I wouldn't hold my breath unless they move down the Draft order just yet.

This at least makes it interesting doesn't it.