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Can Ball Ray Talks Andrew Nicholson Post Combine

Well folks, the NBA Draft Combine is done and the biggest Canadian on most of the League brass right now is Andrew Nicholson.

Franchise mentioned yesterday why he felt that the Combine was not to his liking and I agree to but I must concede that those tho participate and show out really set themselves up for a better Draft position and I think the biggest winner in my humble opinion is Nicholson.

If you've been keeping up, and I assume you have, you should know that that Nicholson's impressed some people in Chicago and that has in turn created some buzz that has him likely shooting up the Draft boards now and quite possibly even assuring a spot substantially higher than projected even last week.

Well, here's me talking about the possibilities that this event has created for him.

FYI, I know that I said that the C's have a late teen pick when they really have 20 and 21. I was close at least so you have to give me that. And yes I knew that Jeff Goodman was at CBS Sports, I was just tired. My bad Jeff ...

Andrew Nicholson Impresses at Draft Combine (via raptorshqsbn)