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Look What Canadian Basketball Stuff I Found On Ebay

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Another evening of scanning the world of Ebay has Can Ball Ray really excited about this latest find. If you're a jersey collector or just like to have something directly associated to a player in the Canadian basketball program, then this may be for you but it may cost you ...

So in my internet trolling on late on a Sunday night, I came across this gem of a piece right here - an official game worn Canada Basketball "home" white jersey. This is a particularly interesting jersey because there is a strong possibility that it was worn by none other than McDonald's and Jordan Brand All American and UNLV freshman Anthony Bennett.

If you view the images that accompany the item, the jersey has the look of something that was worn during game action. There are some visible snags in the garment and since I have a few of these myself I can guarantee that this is an official jersey style worn during the last three summers by the Canadian Junior and Cadet teams. Unfortunately the nameplate for the jersey is missing and since this doesn't look like one of the jerseys that had the player's name stitched directly to the jersey itself, it's a little tough to relate this as THE jersey that he wore. I can say that the jersey's in my collection that are nameless clearly have the player's name on them as a residual silhouette from the stitching. CB didn't necessarily give these kids the same jerseys every summer. But it's a good bet that this is indeed Bennett's jersey that he wore during international competition.

All in all, this all points to the being a very legit Anthony Bennett game worn basketball jersey. And to be honest, the price is not all that bad at $80. And if you're looking to complete the uniform set, you can pick up this pair of game worn shorts from the same seller. The seller states that the shorts were worn by former Washington State recruit Richard Peters and the size and length seem to work with his size and height. Regardless, they would make a great set to have in the closet for your collection or something to floss in on the court.