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No Grizzlies for Vancouver

So it seems Vancouver is not destined to get an NBA team just yet. Or at least not the one that left the city about a decade ago.

It's been reported that current Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley has sold his majority share to billionaire Robert J. Pera. This effectively dashes any poetic dreams of the Grizz relocating to it's former home, at least for the near future.

Heisley, who has been shopping the team and has had a few suitors in the past has held out for a buyer and now it seems he's satisfied with who he's found. According to the story he's been looking for a buyer who would not relocate the team and it may have been pretty close at some points ...

Oh well. I guess Van-City will need to wait for another ailing franchise to need a new owner or some Vancouverites with money and political juice to get another shot of having an NBA team in the city.

Sorry guys.