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Bomani & Jones - 7 Things You Need to Know About the NBA Finals

"We gonna find somebody new to pick on."

Bomani Jones is back with his latest NBA playoff installment and he's here to clue you in on seven important things you need to know about the NBA Finals, kicking off tomorrow night.

Things like the opening line of this piece!

And more sweater madness!

And talk about the LA Kings Stanely Cup win not five minutes...

...wait. No, there's no hockey mention going on in this video.

It's all NBA and Mr. Jones makes an important point in that should the Miami Heat win the NBA title, suddenly the microscope will be passed to Mr. Durant or potentially Mr. Westbrook. Inevitably someone's going to come out as the loser and with so many high-profile stars participating in the series, it's pretty much inescapable that the media will have a great, tragic story of some sort to pen.

Especially if the Thunder win...