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Video - The RaptorsHQ NBA Draft Combine

It's workout time for NBA draftees.

NBA draft prospects are out in full force participating in both individual sessions with teams, and the annual draft combine, held this past end-of-week in Chicago.

The HQ loves the draft of course but aren't such big fans of the whole combine process.

"So and so measured an inch taller in socks than expected! No way!"

"Prospect 's reach was only x number of inches compared to his wingspan? Could his stock start falling?"

It's all a little ridiculous in their opinion as while they understand this is part of the process, it's a bit hard to take a single measuring session or two and use it to discount an entire season or more of player's college career.

And besides, how hard can these sessions really be?

Therefore in their latest RaptorsHQ TV entry, Franchise and crew hold their own combine of sorts while discussing all manner of draft-related topics...