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And the Rise of Andrew Nicholson Begins

Since the banner showing at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago this past weekend, Andrew Nicholson has been talked about possibly moving up in the Draft.

Well, THE Draft prognosticators on the world wide web, Draft Express, have released their latest mock draft and it seems that Nicholson is projecting a lot higher now.

I know it's not in the Lottery or anything but after being projected as the last pick in the first round, moving up six spots ahead of former sure fire top 15 picks like Marquise Teague and Jeff Taylor is a major move up.

This recent mock has him being picked up by Cleveland and while it seems like a good fit, I don't see it happening. The team is sitting on it's current power forward pick up from last season's Draft Tristan Thompson so I'm not sure it the Cavs would be willing to wait out for two guys to develop at the NBA level right now.

Regardless, the important thing here is that Nicholson is moving up the ladder. The praise he's been getting at the combine plus the amount of individual workouts he's already been through should be nothing less than a clear indicator of his increased stock. It will be interesting to see how many more individual workouts he does leading up to the Draft post Combine buzz as I'm sure his agent will have a hand in those decisions. I imagine he'll take the high road and audition for other teams but I'm thinking that the majority of them will be return engagements with some teams he's seen already.