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Draftexpress Video Breakdown of Draft NBA Prospect Dion Waiters

We all know that when you're talking NBA Draft, you're talking Draftexpress right? The site just continues to get better every year and the latest addition for the upcoming draft is a series of phenomenal prospect video breakdowns.

But this isn't just a series of highlight reel clips, many of these contain insight from the prospect's' college coach, an amazing inclusion that provides a lot more colour to the player's profile than you normally get from these type of segments.

The latest in the series is especially intriguing for Raptors' fans as Draftexpress breaks down Syracuse guard Dion Waiters with some help from his coach Jim Boeheim:

The Dwyane Wade compare is intriguing, considering how valuable the ability to get to the rim is in today's NBA, and something the Raptors need some help with. Aside from Jerryd Bayless and in the absence of Leandro Barbosa, they simply don't have anyone who can operate in this fashion.

Is that enough for the Raps to take him eighth overall if the team keeps their pick?

Workouts begin this coming week and may go a long way in attempting to answer that question for TO.