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Loss Not a Huge Deal for Senior Women

So it seems that the Senior Women's National Team has taken a not so great start to their run at the Olympics last night. The team took a loss to Great Britain yesterday and it was not a pretty one might I add. The Women took a lead into halftime but were not not able to keep it giving up 46 points in the second half half. Yikes. That of couse would lead to a loss for almost any team and the outcome is self explanatory.

Now, I don't think there is any cause for alarm this early. The games being played up until the Olympic Qualifiers are just the exhibition games so wins and losses don't mean as much. But I would say that success could be measured in improvements.

This loss is probably a very good thing in my mind. Getting a loss, and a bad one I'd say, out of the way early only allows for better results moving forward. The team will play a few more exhibition games before heading off to Turkey for the real deal so we can't place too much emphasis on these early games. Remember then the Senior Men won every one of their exhibition games and tanked royally at the World Championships? Exactly.

I think the adjustments to this loss will come and the improved play will also follow just in time for the Qualifiers. This team is too talented not to.

UPDATE: The Senior Women beat Great Britain 63-50 today in their second exhibition game.