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Poll - Heat or Thunder; Which Team Wins the NBA Finals?

So it's the Miami Heat versus the Oklahoma City Thunder for the NBA championship.

It's almost a best-case scenario for the NBA marketing-wise; the "big bought 3" from Miami versus the "organically grown 3" from OKC, or the powers of evil versus the powers of good - take your pick!

I was rooting for the Celtics to knock off the Heat but instead, had to endure Chris Bosh sink jumper after jumper and kill the C's hopes for one more kick at the NBA championship can. But even in the loss the Celts should feel proud of what they did; a sub-.500 team at the all-star break and yet there they were, a quarter away from the NBA finals.

The Heat proved to be too much and I think they'll do the same next round, with OKC presenting a similarly tough test for Miami, but in the end falling short.

But let's hear it below, Heat or Thunder to win it all?