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Get to Know a Draft Pick - Bradley Beal

SB Nation's Washington Wizards' blog, "Bullets Forever," has started a pretty cool series of looks at both draft picks and free agents of late.

Their "Better Know a 2012 Draft Pick," and "Better Know a Free Agent," series have highlighted several players but of late, their draft representation has been none other than a player the Raptors should have their sights firmly set on. (At least until we see the results of the May 30 draft lottery.)

Bradley Beal.

It's pretty complete breakdown of his strengths, weaknesses and outlook as we continue to ramp up to draft day next month. Now it's Wizards' focused, but considering many of the teams' needs run parallel, there's lots of good stuff in there for us Raptors' devotees too, and this summation is one I'm completely in agreement with:

" He won't be a franchise player, but he has the potential to be a very very good one who might ride an elite team's coattails into an all-star game or two."

Now if the ping pong balls would just fall Toronto's way on May 30th...