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Video - The Rise of Goran Dragic

Stumbled across this nifty little video compilation that I thought I'd share tonight in the midst of all this Steve Nash madness. The Houston Rockets website,, recently put together this little video featuring Goran Dragic and his rise to prominence this season in the wake of injuries to starting point guard Kyle Lowry.

While I'm not against the Raptors making a play for Mr. Nash, something we'll be discussing in the coming days, Mr. Dragic makes a lot of sense as well from a number of angles. As shown in the video, many of his attributes such as quick first step, ability to push the ball, and clutch shooting, would look pretty good in a Dinos' uniform, and you get the feeling that he's the type of player who could be had for a reasonable dollar value, potentially making him a player who exceeds the value of his contract when all is said and done. Just 26, he seems only now to be tapping into the height of his abilities as a basketball player and hey, if the Raps can't get Steve Nash, this might not be such a bad "runner-up" prize. Nash of course tutored "Gogi" during their days together in Phoenix.