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Raptors Draft Kendall Marshall in SB Nation's Latest NBA Mock Draft

While we wait with baited breath regarding a full debrief of Steve Nash's potential new relationship with Canada Basketball, a little draft talk for this Tuesday. Yesterday SB Nation released their latest mock draft, this one with a little twist. As per its creator, Tom Ziller:

"There's a reason these high-upside, low-results prospects get drafted into the NBA with such early picks. It's because they convince Exuberant Decision-Makers that they are worth the risk...We're talking about the front office execs who convince themselves and their teams' owners that the risk is worth the potential reward, that the upside is worth the bet..."

So this mock indeed is one from the "Exuberant Decision-Maker" perspective, and my have the Raptors' had a few of those in the past. From Rob Babcock convincing himself that Hoffa was the next Patrick Ewing, to current President and GM Bryan Colangelo seeing huge upside in second-round picks like Nathan Jawai and Giorgos Printezis.

And under Ziller's current scenario, Mr. Colangelo sees the light in UNC point guard Kendall Marshall:

8. RAPTORS: Kendall Marshall, North Carolina

Clearly the Tar Heels' most important player since they tanked out of the tournament when he got himself broken! And since UNC has three other players in the lotto, he must have been really good. TRANSITIVE PROPERTY, WHAT?

It's not impossible that the Raps do of course go this route come June, but to take Marshall eighth overall at this stage, it would take some MAJOR exuberance for me to be ok with such a pick.