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DeMar DeRozan Invited to USA Basketball Training Camp?

Nothing in the media yet on this but an interesting blurb via Twitter regarding the Toronto Raptors' shooting guard, DeMar DeRozan. The third-year USC alum apparently has been selected to participate in USA Basketball's training camp this summer.

From the Twitter account of Mat MacDonald, current St. FX Men's Basketball Assistant:

Toronto Raptors @DeMar_DeRozan has been officially invited to the@usabasketball national team training camp. ( cc @Raptors ) #RTZ

We'll wait to see something official from the Raps before pronouncing this a lock, but it wouldn't be a surprise to see. The head of the US men's program is none other than Jerry Colangelo, father of Raptors President and General Manager Bryan.

Does that mean DeMar is only getting the invite because of "paternal relations?"

I'm going with yes in all honesty.

Not that DeMar doesn't still have solid upside, but in terms of the type of player best-suited for international competition, DeRozan wouldn't be high on my list. He's not able to spread the floor or create for others, two skills coveted in International competition, particularly at his spot.

However it's far from a bad thing if indeed this report is true. DeRozan needs all the reps he can get and summer sessions matched-up against the likes of Kobe Bryant and Andre Iguodala is hardly a bad thing.


Update - Thanks to some of our readers for sending me the goods on this. Apparently this originated via Jerry Colangelo's visit to the Fan 590 today. Check the 7 minute or so mark here.