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Poll - Which Member of the Raptors' Front-Court Will be on the Move this Off-Season?

Yesterday Scott took a look at the crowded Raptors' front-court.

Current Toronto has three players slotted at the power forward position in Andrea Bargnani, Amir Johnson and Ed Davis, and has two other forwards who have performed better at the 4 spot, than elsewhere on the court - James Johnson and Linas Kleiza.

Add in the fact that while likely a center, the Raptors may want to give Jonas Valanciunas some minutes at the 4 spot next year as well, and that the bulk of the top draft options in the 4 to 9 range are power forwards (or, at least players who could easily occupy the 4 spot), and something's going to have to give.

But what?

As Scott noted, Ed's contract may be the most appealing, but maybe it makes sense to move a more proven player like Amir if the market allows it?

So that's today's poll question.

Which of the "front-court options" do you see Bryan Colangelo moving this off-season?