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The NBA in Vancouver?

Ever since the Grizzlies were up and relocated to Memphis there seems to have been a longing for another NBA franchise in Canada. And up to recently there was that talk of the troubled Sacramento Kings team possibly relocating back to Vancouver. And we have a few Canucks trying to make it happen.

A guy by the name of Garret Fergusson has started this online petition to bring the NBA back to Vancouver to help the cause a little.

I know that a petition like this is a long way from getting the NBA overseers to allow another franchise in Canada but this is a step in a direction that I can dig on. I can't help but promote an attempt to bring another team to my side of the border and I think that you all should take a second and sign the petition.

Now will whether we ever get another team in this country in the future is all up in the air. If the NBA wanted to move the Kings to Vancouver now I think it would be a great time to do so. I can at least appreciate a person starting something like this.