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Can Ball Ray Takes in the Raptors Draft Lottery Party at Real Sports

Can Ball Ray and Bargs.  Next year's Crockett and Tubbs? Anyone, anyone?  Bhueller?
Can Ball Ray and Bargs. Next year's Crockett and Tubbs? Anyone, anyone? Bhueller?

So I was at the Raptors' Draft Lottery Party at the Real Sports Bar and Grill with a few friends and I was walking in with certain expectations - a great view of the GIANT TV, some good company, good finger food and a lot of anxious fans.

Well I got some of that.

The TV was huge and the view was great, the company was also great and the food was good but I noticed a rather smallish crowd of fans. The event was for season ticket holders, I was told, and thus everything was free but even free food and drink did not bring out the fans in epic numbers. I had never been to an event like this for the team and I asked my friend just before the Lottery was to happen what the crowds were like and he said that there are usually more people. This is coming from a guy who's been a season ticket holder for more than five seasons and has been to multiple events like this. He mentioned that there were usually more things going on in the event itself but other than the Raptor mingling with the crowd of fans and the Andrea Bargnani signing table, the event seemed rather tame to myself. I chalk that up partly to the "Canadian" behaviour but still ...

The mood definitely tensed as the Lottery began and when it was shown on the many screens in the bar, all eyes focused and the chatter lessened. The Raps were projected 8th before the revealing and when it became official that the team would remain in the 8th spot, the low level groans/sighs made the event almost anti-climatic. Not even the surprise (or was it really a surprise) of New Orleans winning the Anthony Davis sweepstakes was enough to mask the slight disappointment that the basketball gods didn't bless the team with a top three pick.

I guess there's always next year right?