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NBA Draft Lottery Results - Raptors Pick 8th, Hornets Pick 1st


Ok so everyone loves a good conspiracy theory and the results of the just-completed NBA Draft Lottery certainly lend themselves to a decent amount of...pardon the pun, "eye-brow-raising."

The recently sold New Orleans Hornets got their new chapter off on the right foot by winning the NBA Draft Lottery, and consensus number one overall pick Anthony Davis in the process. The Hornets of course were the property of David Stern and his minions of late, and kicked off the compressed NBA season by dealing Chris Paul, only to have said deal vetoed by the league, and reconfigured into arguably a much less attractive package.

But, is it possible Stern vetoed the deal, knowing that Anthony Davis was on the way?

(Cue X Files Music...)

Regardless, for our purposes, this thing turned out unfortunately as I predicted earlier today, with the Toronto Raptors staying exactly where their record had them finishing the season; eighth and outside the so-desired top three spots.

We'll begin breaking down what this means tomorrow but for now, part your hair in Mulder fashion or put on your Scully glasses and picture David Stern somewhere in a dark fortress, giggling maniacally.