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Poll - What Draft Spot Will the Raptors End Up With?

So it's all come down to this tonight.

Anthony Davis or bust right?

Or maybe Anthony Davis, MKG or Bradley Beal? In my books it's get in a top three spot or...well...look at other options but hey, that's just me.

I want to know how everyone else thinks things will end tonight.

Here at the HQ, the consensus is actually that the club will get a top three pick, something echoed by Jay Satur of when I discussed the matter with him this AM on Twitter. Satur explained that he simply had a vision of Coach Casey standing on that stage at the end of the night, indeed a lovely idea that I'm hoping comes to fruition.

I'm more of a skeptic though and think the Dinos stick at eight, thus ending the Anthony Davis dreams. My rationale is simply playing the odds. (Although I believe technically, the odds are best that the team drafts ninth.)

But let's hear it, what fate will Toronto end up with this evening?