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Who Deserves to Win the NBA Draft Lottery?

As fans of the Toronto Raptors, we're crossing our fingers regarding tonight's NBA Draft Lottery. Toronto of course has the best odds of sticking right around the eighth spot, but everyone's hoping the club leaps into one of the draft's top three spots.l

More specifically, the top one.

As a collective fanbase, we've had our fair share of tortured moments supporting the club, and feel it's only right that tonight, we're rewarded with a beacon of hope in the form of the top pick in the draft, aka, Kentucky's Anthony Davis.

But are we THE most deserving franchise?

SB Nation recently polled its basketball bloggers on the topic, with each lottery team making its case for being "most Anthony Davis-worth," and the results are pretty entertaining.

My take for the article was pretty straightforward though:

Mighty Mouse.




Put it this way. The Raptors deserve the top pick in the draft; they certainly aren't getting top talent through free agency any time soon.

Nothing like a cold dose of reality right?