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Video - Explaining the Raptors' Draft Lottery Chances

Today's the big day.

It's the NBA Draft Lottery and for many clubs, today represents not only a shot at grabbing one of the league's future superstars, but NBA success. Many a team has used good fortune on draft lottery day to begin a championship building process and indeed the way the ping pong balls fall can mean the difference between a Blake Griffin, and a Hasheem Thabeet.

For us Raptors' fans, we'll be hoping for some overdue luck as the team hasn't hit lottery pay dirt since 2006, when the club grabbed Andrea Bargnani first overall.

But how likely is this scenario?

And in fact, how likely is it that the Raptors can move up at all, versus sticking at their current spot (8th) or even moving down?

Instead of trying to outline the process in text, we thought we'd turn it over to Jay Satur of, who does a great job in the video below of giving us the goods on all the Dinos' lottery possibilities...

...complete with markers and a whiteboard!