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RaptorsHQ on Vacation...Sort Of...

As you may have noticed, the posts have slowed down considerably of late with the season officially over for the Toronto Raptors. The bulk of us here, me in particular, also needed a short break before ramping up for the NBA Draft and Free Agency. With so many games pushed into that compressed season, we're feeling a bit drained and are taking these next few days to re-load.

Therefore apologies in advance if our posts are a bit sporadic, but we'll be at it again next Monday, kicking off a week of reviews including our version of the Raptors' grades, thoughts on the team's MVP and LVP, more video footage, and also the start of a series we're really interested in getting our readers' thoughts on:

"Just How Much Better Is Current Playoff Team A, Than the Toronto Raptors."

Until then, everyone enjoy some of these first-round match-ups, grab a beer or two, and throw on "Sh#t Raptors Fans Never Say," one more time...