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Kris Joseph In the Bay for His First Draft Workout

So it seems that Syracuse wing and Montreal native Kris Joseph was reportedly at a workout this past Monday in the Bay for Golden State (or soon to be San Francisco again).

This session, the first that I could find out about for Joseph, had him in the first of two session the Warriors apparently held. Each had six prospects and they all seemed to be matched in pairs. For Joseph, he was matched up against Vanderbilt's wing forward Jeff Taylor while also having players Draymond Green, Khris Middleton, Scott Machado and Tu Halloway.

Of course, I'll expect to hear or find little in the ways of evaluation of Joseph's showing at this event and it's the first event that he's attended thus far since his season ended in March. It's good to see that he's starting to make the rounds and this may be a teaser for him as to what's to come going forward.

With Golden State holding two second round picks as of right now, one early and one late, it's a good possibility that Joseph could fall into their hands in this Draft. With Richard Jefferson under contract until at least the end of next season and rising swingman Klay Thompson likely playing out his full rookie contract, Joseph may have a shot to be picked up. And despite maybe having to sit a year, learning from an aging vet like Jefferson is not a bad way to learn your position and your craft.

Again, there is nothing solid here. The best thing about the news is that Joseph is starting to "round" the workouts. I just wish there was more on how he fared out there. I guess we're waiting until the Chicago combine for that.