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Lunchbox Links - NBA Draft Lottery 2012 Edition

Can you feel the excitement in the air?

The NBA Draft lottery is less than 48 hours away as Raptors' fans anxiously await their team's fate.

In the meantime though, chow down on some draft links...

We'll start with Raptorblog's draft primer, a top-notch piece breaking down odds and players who might be around at said draft spots. We'll then move to where David Aldridge discusses the various issues centers often have when entering the league, and focuses a good bit of attention on UCONN big man Andre Drummond.

Next up, BrewHoop's interesting version of a mock draft which has...gasp...the Bucks winning!

Can the Raps jump into a top 3 spot? Truehoop breaks down recent draft lottery history and if you're a fan of the Charlotte Bobcats, it's not good news.

SB Nation's Tom Ziller looks at potential prospect/team pairings in his latest draft post, while the Golden State Warriors apparently want back the draft pick they gave up!

And how about some more looks at the prospects themselves?

We've got:

-Terrence Jones via Draft Express

-Perry Jones III via Yahoo Sports

-Terrence Ross via ProBasketballtalk

-And Bradley Beal via the Akron Journal

Will any of the aforementioned become studs at the next level? Sactown Royalty takes a look back at recent draft classes and how they've performed in terms of producing successful NBA players.

And finally, hoping to duplicate their success from last year, the Cleveland Cavaliers are again sending Nick Gilbert to the draft lottery.

It only makes sense then that Washington is trying the same trick but sending Zach Leonis...