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A Canadian Provincial Super League? Can Ball Ray Thinks Awesome

Now it wouldn't it be nice to have a national provincial tournament for guys over the age of 18?  I think so ...  <em>(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)</em>
Now it wouldn't it be nice to have a national provincial tournament for guys over the age of 18? I think so ... (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
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The recent discovery of a new semi-pro league in Quebec had Can Ball Ray thinking that maybe having a separate basketball league in every province wouldn't be a bad notion. In fact, Ray thinks it would be a great notion. Check out what got him all riled up late last night so much that he had to write about it here ...

I had posted a little story about the new semi-pro league I recently found out about just below here. Take a look at it when you get a second and peruse the league's site. It's not the NBA or anything but it's pretty decent. Now after doing that myself I got to thinking: Wouldn't it be cool if every province had it's own league like this?

Can you imagine it? Every province had their own elite league? I think that idea would be awesome.

Think about it for a minute: Where do the guys that can play at high levels go to play when they're done playing in college or pro season? Usually in the A division of the local house league if they are even trying to do that. They will more than likely be playing with other guys of similar skill levels in a pick run somewhere if they're not working out on their own. Now how awesome would it be to have each provinces best players playing in a league.

I think that it would be pretty crazy!

Now I know what you're thinking: Ray, what's the point?

My point is this. Imagine a league of, say, British Columbia's elite players playing in one central league. Let's say for argument's sake that they have a six team league that play out of six different cities. You'd probably have these playing some great ball and all off season keeping guys in shape and in the game. Now, imagine that this happened in all the provinces. Now picture a final tournament of each team's best teams going at it for a championship similar to a Euro League format.

Would that not be incredible?

Speaking hypothetically, that scenario would be great for the game in many ways. First, we'd have a league of sorts that is keeping the game growing in a hockey dominant environment. Another place to watch some very good, elite level basketball only helps the cause and with it being homegrown talent it is nothing but a bonus.

Second, this could be a way for some of the former college and pro guys to stay in the game and maybe even stay fit and add to a resume. I'm from Toronto and I know that a lot of very good ball players come back every summer from school and they are training in gyms or playing pick up ball with friends. This type of situation would have them against great competition game in, game out and with a little pride on the line the intensity gets put up a notch. How would you feel repping BC against a team from Ontario? Or Nova Scotia against Quebec?

Third, I think it would help to bring the various basketball communities together and build those relationships. When I was younger, I remember playing in my buddy's tournaments that he'd organize and it was always a city themed tournament. Dudes from Scarborough played for Team Scarborough while dudes from Pickering would rep Team Pickering. We'd have five or six teams in there for a one day tournament and it was always fun and super intense. I didn't know these dudes before these tourneys but some of the guys I was trying to light up ended up being among the people at my wedding. I'm not saying that this will happen in this provincial team tournament but the idea is that it helps to bridge our ballers from all over the country together.

Now I'm not so naive to expect that this Utopian Canadian amateur/semi-pro basketball league is going to happen. I know that there are a few things that make it logistically and financially difficult, if not seemingly impossible. But the idea is nice. A national super tournament that has the best team from each province in one place for all the marbles and bragging rights for a year would be incredible.

I know it's a pipe dream now but I'm just saying it would be nice. I'm just sayin'.