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A New Basketball League In Quebec

I don't know if you know this but there is a new semi-pro basketball league in Quebec going on right now. Called the Ligue de Basketball-Quebec Elite, this new league is looking like if could be a something to keep an eye on.

Now I'm not from Quebec but I know that basketball is a game that is being played at a high level in the province. All you need to do is take a look at the number of cats playing ball in NC-Double-Eh and overseas in the pros to know that if you haven't already caught the RSEQ games at either CIS or CEGEP level. The game is booming over there!

And this league is a logical step to develop in the province.

Bear in mind, I've only found out about the league yesterday, when they are currently nine games into their season and I wish I had heard of it earlier on. I've run down the rosters of the five teams (yes there are only five teams in Laval, Montreal, Riviere des Prairies, Laurentien and Longueuil) and the they look solid. Each roster has guys that have played at the CIS level with some having NCAA and pro ballers too. Some names that I immediately recognized were Bayonne Taty who went to Seton Hall, Negus McKenna who went to Western Carolina, Max Boudreau who was at Buffalo only a year ago and of course former pros Pascal Fleury (who played on my beloved Georgetown teams of the early 90s) and Dwight Walton.

Now unfortunately there weren't any stats that I could find so getting an idea of the scores and who was playing well is not readily available but for a start up league in Canada, I'm all for this right here. Any other outlet for our ballers to play, get paid some money and keep the game growing is all good to me.