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Chisholm: Raptors May Have to Widen Search for Small Forward's Tim Chisholm has been on fire of late regarding a number of Raptors-related topics, and his latest piece continues that trend.

With Toronto in the market for a major upgrade at the small forward position, Chisholm notes that two of their potential targets, may not be as easy to acquire as they once were. Danny Granger and Andre Iguodala both played prominent roles in the recent playoff success of their respective teams, and thanks to this, may now be a tougher get for TO.

And I'd have to agree.

At one point towards the end of the season Philly looked dead in the water and it seemed completely realistic that the club might try to move Iggy for a package of assets.


I'd guess Philly's management stays the course, something I'm assuming can be safely said about the Pacers as well in relation to their swingman, Danny Granger. Paul George was no Josh Smith in the playoffs, so it's premature to think Granger is suddenly easily replaceable. Plus, as Chisholm discusses, the Pacers are in such a solid situation salary-cap wise, there' s no need for concern over Granger's fairly generous contract.

That's not to say the Raps couldn't get a deal done for either player if they offered up the right pieces.

But the club may need to turn its attention now to Rudy Gay, or a bevy of lower-tier options.