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RaptorsHQ Lottery Predictions - The Fix is In!

The NBA draft lottery takes place this Wednesday night and for us Raptors' fans, we're hopeful that a miracle of sorts can occur.

Toronto of course has the eighth-best odds at getting the number one overall pick, but also has fairly good odds of dropping a spot. Put simply, odds are the Raps sticking around their current spot and a team above them jumps up and grabs Anthony Davis.

But what team will that be?

The Charlotte Bobcats, holders of the league's worst record, have the best odds, but it seems that the team with the worst record never ends up with the top pick, and many a time, draft lottery results seem to be suspiciously in favour of certain teams.

Take the Cavs last year.

Did David Stern reward them with the top pick, Kyrie Irving, after they lost LeBron James during the"Decision" fiasco? And could we see the same thing this year if either New Orleans or Brooklyn get the top spot?

Some members of the HQ seem to think so, and that's the latest topic in their "HQ on the Street" video series: