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The Meteoric Rise of Sam Presti

Some interesting Sunday evening reading I thought I'd pass along as we get ready for next week's NBA Draft lottery, and tonight's Western Conference finals between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs.

Many are already calling the series the real NBA Finals, and a seven-game classic would hardly be a surprise outcome considering the fire-power both of these clubs possess.

Both clubs in fact share a number of things in common, not the least of which is a role in the career development of current Thunder GM Sam Presti. Presti of course began his rise to GM stardom as an intern with the Spurs, and this piece at is a great look at how this all began to unfold.

My favourite piece - how about Presti running up and down the court with Spurs GM RC Buford to pitch an employment opportunity, as Buford was refereeing during a basketball camp?!

"It was a four-day camp and he didn't arrive until the fourth day," Presti said. "By then I was pretty desperate, so when R.C. refereed a game, I went up and down the court with him."

Know wonder the Spurs gave him a shot!