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Superstar Duos - The NBA's New Reality?

The table is set for tonight's Western Conference Finals.

Last night, by defeating the Philadelphia 76ers, the Boston Celtics punched their ticket for a date with the Miami Heat in the NBA's other conference finals, ensuring an interesting parallel between the final four clubs; superstar power.

The Heat have Bosh, LeBron and D-Wade, the Thunder have Harden, Westbrook and Durant, and the Spurs and Celtics offer up a plethora of superstar or near-superstar options such as KG, Duncan, Pierce, Ginobili and Allen. In fact if you were hoping this year's playoffs would offer up some proof that super-star basketball doesn't beat team play, you're mostly out of luck. The Spurs even with their studs epitomize team play perhaps, but most of the other matches have on the other side of the spectrum. For instance even without Bosh, the two-man super-duo of Wade and James took care of the Indiana Pacers in the end with relative ease.

In fact it's the "dynamic duo" theme that SB Nation's Steve Perrin touches on in an interesting post, a theme that was quite present not only in this year's playoffs, but also the recent revelation of the "All-NBA" teams.

Will we see more and more teams look to this model? Considering other clubs like the New York Knicks and potentially Brooklyn Nets already appear to looking in this direction, it could very well be the case.

Now if the Raptors could just get ONE player of this ilk..