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Poll - Should the Raptors Trade Their Draft Pick for Lowry?

Earlier today we briefly discussed the idea of Kyle Lowry ending up with the Toronto Raptors next season.

This wasn't a rumor we were touching on, but an idea based on the fact that Lowry may be on his way out of Houston. He apparently doesn't feel his relationship with Rockets' coach Kevin McHale can be repaired, and essentially said that if McHale doesn't go, he probably will.

Again, this doesn't mean he's bound for Toronto but riddle me this; if the Dinos don't jump out of the eighth spot during this Wednesday's upcoming draft lottery, or if they fall to ninth for that matter, wouldn't it make sense to move the lottery pick to Houston in exchange for Lowry? The Raps would have the cap space to absorb the former Villanova guard's deal, and then they could either move Calderon - in a perfect world they'd get something useful for him in return - or perhaps even play the two of them in a dual PG role.

That's an article for another day but in the meantime, give us your thoughts. Should the Raps move their draft pick if it allows them to nab Lowry?