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Andrew Nicholson in Celtic Green? Maybe.

So I finally came across an article that mentions Andrew Nicholson's workout with the Boston Celtics and I came away with two things in mind.

First, there was not real mention in the story about how he did or what anyone thought of his workout. Well that just sucks for us people trying to get a handle on what people are thinking about him and his skill set.

Two, there is a possibility that Nicholson could be a good fit for the Celtics.

Though it's still very early in this year's Draft process, the Lottery isn't happening until next week yet, the idea of Nicholson with the Cs is not a bad one on a couple of levels. The first is that Boston has only four players under contract right now past this season according to HoopsHype's contract tracker - Rondo, Pierce, JaJuan Johnson and Avery Bradley - and have two that could be on the team next season in Greg Stiemsma (who is expected to get a qualifying offer apparently) and Brandon Bass (who has a final year left which is a player option). I would imagine that Bass may take his player option and try the waters as an unrestricted free agent. But regardless of what Bass does, there will be a lot of bodies to be replaced and Nicholson could be one of those bodies. He could fill the void of rebounder and defender, like a Brandon Bass, and he has a growing perimeter game that could extend to the NBA three area in a year or two.

Second, Nicholson's price would be right. Nicholson's rookie contract will likley be in the