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If You're In the Toronto Area June 16 ...

I found this in my timeline last night when I was Googling myself (yes I know it's sad to admit) and I thought it was a pretty interesting thing to pass on to you basketball fans. There will be a game between the alumni of Eastern Commerce in a few weeks and it looks like it's going to be a pretty damn good game.

Now I know that in the city I call home, there has always been a battle of who has the best basketball tradition and if you're only counting since the turn of the century (or since 2000 if you would rather) the Eastern Commerce Saints have been hands down the kings of that Toronto tradition.

Now I know that there are other schools in the GTA that will probably take this with sceptical eye but really, if we're talking about a program that has produced success in the form of provincial championships and sending kids to post secondary institutions, I would conclude that Eastern is the champ for now.

With that being said, just look through the rosters for the mens AND women's sides and you'll read a virtual who's who of D1 and CIS ballers not including the ones that are playing pro right now. This game will no doubt be entertaining to say the least.

So if you're in the area and want to see a game of Toronto basketball luminaries, hit me up and maybe I'll save you a seat if there are any left.