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"The Kobe That We Used to Know"

One of the more interesting stories from these NBA playoffs for me, is the potential end to two uber-teams; the "Big 3" Boston Celtics, and the Kobe-Gasol-Bynum-Artest LA Lakers. The Celtics still have a chance to move onto the next round with a Game Seven win over the Philadelphia 76ers, but minus Avery Bradley and healthy versions of Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, this isn't the same Boston team that finished out the regular season so strong.

As for the Lakers, well it already sounds like Pau Gasol is re-signed to his fate, one that likely has him playing for another team next year.

Who knows what happens with Bynum and Artest but one thing's for sure, the Kobe Bryant we saw in this year's playoffs just isn't the same one from years past.

And it's inspired a Lakers fan to produce a pretty brilliant parody entitled, "The Kobe That We Used to Know:"