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Poll - Raptors vs Knicks - Which Team Currently Would You Rather Be?

Ok Raptors' fans, get your voting shoes ready.

As we've been doing in this "who'd you rather be" series, after we give our take and the opposing team blog gives theirs, it's your shot to let us know how you feel. So far, we've only had one clear-cut win for the Raptors, and that was over the Orlando Magic. Over 70 per cent voted in favour of the Dinos but in the bulk of the other head-to-heads, the opposite has more often been true.

This one though is interesting as it pits certainty versus hope. Sure, the Knicks might not (or never, we're talking about the reign of Dolan here) have the talent to win a title, but their market ensures they'll always attract top free agents and be a relevant NBA team to some degree

Toronto on the other hand is currently selling hope, and while that hope and financial flexibility might be greater than what the Knicks have to offer, does it give them the edge?

Give us your take, Knicks or Raps.