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Raptors vs Knicks - Posting and Toasting Weighs In on "Who They'd Rather Be"

This morning, Scott broke down Raptors vs Knicks in terms of which club is in a superior situation at present.

As we've been doing in our series, we now turn it over to the opposing team for their take, and for this, we bring you some thoughts from SB Nation's fantastic Knicks' blog, Posting and Toasting.

Take it away Seth!

Well, I must admit that I have a weird affinity for middling, small market teams. I love a team with lesser-known players and youngsters getting big minutes (which, incidentally, was something the Knicks recently were despite being wealthy). I'm also very excited about Jonas Valanciunas, who seems like both a hilarious bro and a genuinely talented individual. The Raptors are pretty cool, and they've got a zany cast of characters with some room to grow. If they get good, which seems possible, it'll be with a lot of talent that they found themselves. That's fun.

That said, the Knicks do appear to be closer to contending, they've got some young talent of their own, and they play in one of the most bountiful basketball markets in the world. New York shows up for the Knicks no matter what (which, to some extent, is true for the Raptors as well, isn't it?). Madison Square Garden is hard to beat, though I say that having never seen a game in Toronto.

I think I'll take the Knicks, but the margin isn't as wide (in my head) as you might imagine. One potential mitigating factor is where Jeremy Lin ends up.

Come back, Jeremy.