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Bomani and Jones on the NBA Playoffs - Heat vs Celtics or Bust?

With a 101 to 85 win last night over the Philadelphia 76ers, the Boston Celtics are one win away from the Eastern Conference semi-finals.

Which according to SB Nation's Bomani Jones, is a very good thing.

With the Chicago Bulls being eliminated from Finals contention early on, both the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers biting the dust, and the Miami Heat hardly looking like the a championship finalist as of now, there's potentially not going to be much in the way of "big market clubs" left by the time the NBA finals roll around.

For David Stern, the possibility of a Spurs-Pacers or Spurs-Sixers finals is likely cold sweat inducing and Oklahoma City facing either of those two clubs isn't likely much better.

So maybe Stern needs to work a little magic, at least to ensure a Celtics-Heat conference finals, something Jones elaborates on in his latest Bomani and Jones video post...