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Look What Canadian Basketball Stuff I Found on Ebay

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After a long weekend that left him tired and in need of rest before the start of a likely long work day what does Can Ball Ray do? He spends an hour on Ebay of course. And in the wee hours of the morning he comes across two interesting jersey from a gold medal team from the 90s. Check them out right here ...

With the Women's National Program in full swing for the Olympic push, I figured I'd post this pair of great jerseys from the women's side of things.

These two jerseys, number 7 and number 4, were both worn during the Women's Wheelchair National Team won the Gold Medal at the World Wheelchair Basketball Championships in 1994 in 1994 in the UK. And let me tell you they look legit to me.

The seller describes them as both being game worn and looking carefully at the jerseys I would be willing to take his word. The jerseys look like they are in incredibly good shape and they do have the jersey look of the National Teams, both able and wheelchair, of the early to mid 90s. Just check out the picture below of the 1994 Senior Men that played in the FIBA World Champions held in Toronto. I'd say dead on.

Photo was removed.

The seller also says that everything on the jersey is embroidered and if you look at the reflections on the numbers in the pictures, of which there aren't any, you can conclude he's telling the truth. Like all things Champion in the late 80s and 90s, all jerseys sold to the general public were with screen printed anything on them. Anything that was tackle twill or embroidered was a game jersey type and those were expensive. In this case, there were few Canada "game jerseys" made for the public (I've actually never seen one myself in any form) and that fact that these are in women's 14 and 16 (and I've never seen a women's official game jersey that was made by Champion for any team on Ebay ever) only lends more fuel to the fact that these are two legit pieces.

If these two jerseys are indeed game used and were worn by the players they claim they were in the item descriptions then these are two very nice pieces of Canadian basketball history. I can't imagine that the two athletes would have given up their jerseys or that Wheelchair Basketball Canada would have misplaced these two but if they are indeed the real thing then these are worth snatching up.