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Poll - Raptors vs Nuggets - Which Team Currently Would You Rather Be?

We've given our side of things.

SB Nation's fantastic Denver Nuggets blog, Denver Stiffs, has given theirs.

And both sides say they'd rather be in the Denver Nuggets' shoes currently, than those of the Toronto Raptors.

But what's your take? Are the Dinos actually in a better position than the Nugs? If you believe the JaVale McGee will flee for greener pastures, then maybe this isn't such a clear-cut Denver win, especially with Al Harrington still on the books and Danilo Gallinari seemingly dealing with injury woes on a consistent basis.

Is the upside of a Jonas Valanciunas and another top ten draft pick enough to sway you in favour of the home team?

There are obviously a number of different ways to look at this compare, and that's why despite our respective takes, we want to hear what you have to say. To date, the Magic are the only team that was voted out-and-out as being in a less desirable situation. Will the Nuggets be next?