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Raptors vs Nuggets - Denver Stiffs Weighs In on "Who They'd Rather Be"

We gave our take on this topic earlier today, but would the world's best Nuggets blog agree? For that we turned to Nate Timmons of the Denver Stiffs for his take...

It's a great time to be a Nuggets fan right now.

The team was the second youngest in the playoffs, behind the Philadelphia 76ers, and they took the Los Angeles Lakers to seven games in the first round. Most of the key Nuggets are under contract next season, including Ty Lawson - who is due for an extension during the 2012-13 season. It looks like JaVale McGee could be the big man of the future in Denver and he's a restricted free agent. It'll be interesting to see what sort of interest he gets from around the league, but hopefully he saw enough during his short time in Denver to want to stick around.

The only real question marks are the return of 36 year-old point guard Andre Miller, who was a backup that played big minutes, whether or not the Nuggets will amnesty Chris Andersen, and if Rudy Fernandez will come back to the NBA or stay in Spain.

George Karl is expected to be back, barring something unforeseen, and he gets to figure out how to incorporate Wilson Chandler and Jordan Hamilton into the mix next season. Those guys are two assets that could be huge contributors to the team going forward. The Nuggets are not having to ask the question, "Who do we need?" But rather, "Do the guys we have fit where we are going?"

That's a good problem to have and the Nuggets have stock-piled enough assets, at reasonable-numbers, to still be able to do some maneuvering - if need be.