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No Updates On Sacre at the Draft Combine

So Robert Sacre took part in today's joint Nets and Rockets Draft combine in New Jersey and for the most part, there is nothing out yet regarding his outcomes or his play as of yet.

I had thought that there would be more tweeted by Jonathan Givony on the whole event but him and his team from Draft Express were likely kept busy with other things during the sessions. The only tweet that came out about Sacre was the following:

Biggest wingspan at today: Kyle O'Quinn 7-5. Biggest hand size: Justin Hamilton 10 3/4. Tallest: Robert Sacre 6-11 w/out shoes

Well this is a good sign for Rob that he's a legit tall guy for a big man, especially without shoes.

This is the only other Sacre mention that I could find with the hashtag #NetsCombine from @NetsRScorching:

Robert Sacre is a legit 7 feet and playing like it. Mitchell Watt and Kyle O'Quinn bodying well, too.

Looking for anything else on the Twitter universe for the combine was a little difficult and this tweet by Jonathan expresses why:

Thousands of @ mentions and retweets from the . NBA is leaving tons of social media buzz on the table in closing the NBA Combine

It seems like we'll need to wait for the good people at Draft Express, and any other outlet at the event, to let us know what they thought of Sacre in the coming days.

Can't wait to see what Canucks are heading to Chicago for the official NBA Draft Combine in a few days.