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Raptors' Colangelo Part of Revamped NBA Competition Committee

Missed posting a note about this on Friday but it appears that there's a revamped version of the NBA's Competition Committee, and Toronto Raptors' GM and President Bryan Colangelo is part of it.

(Insert sound of record coming to screeching halt.)

Ok, everyone done laughing?

Yes, slightly ironic that Colangelo, a GM who's been unable to field much in terms of a competitive team during his tenure in Toronto, has been named to the revamped group. Formerly comprised of 30 general managers, the committee now consists of three coaches, two owners, four GM's, and a lone representative from the NBA's Players Association.

And really, when you look through the list, Colangelo's inclusion isn't even the funniest.

How about the owners that were included, Mr Comic Sans Dan Gilbert of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Golden State Warriors' Joe Lacob, who's been so popular in his early stint with the Warriors that this happened on Chris Mullin appreciation night.

As for the committee's role, they are responsible for suggesting rule changes for NBA owners to vote on, and I don't know about you, but I can't wait till the "every rebound that Andrea Bargnani grabs counts for two" rule gets suggested...