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2012 Draft Similarity Scores from Hickory High

Every year around draft time there are some key pieces of editorial that I look forward to.

Draftexpress' advanced stats player rankings by position, Basketball Prospectus' prospect analyses, John Hollinger's Draft Rater, and Hickory High's Draft Similarity Scores.

While they're not all complete of yet, the majority of prospects have been given the once over by the folks at Hickory High, allowing draft fans to view current and past NBA players that said prospects most similar to.

Want to know who if Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is the next Luol Deng or DeMar DeRozan? Hickory High breaks it all down using 21 categories in an attempt to predict what this year's crop of potential draftees will turn out like.

Obviously there's no sure thing here, but after clicking through a number of the 2012 draft class you'll soon get an idea of the range of outcomes we might be able to expect from the various prospects.

And considering the "shot in the dark" nature of the NBA draft after about the top five spots, more information is certainly not a bad thing.