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NBA Team Social Connectivity and Market Size

Happy long weekend all. Not much going on in terms of Raptors' news but we've got a few other articles to roll out on various NBA topics.

The first of these is an interesting look at NBA team use of Social Media versus the size of their respective markets, courtesy of SLC Dunk.

How are the Raptors doing?

Ok I guess, but as you can see, the club doesn't have the same social pull as smaller markets like Cleveland and Denver.

For me the interesting thing is the correlation between team success and social media following, The bulk of the league's more successful teams over the last few years, also have bigger social media allegiances.

Which only makes sense I suppose. The more a team wins, the greater the interest generated in said club, the more fans want to know about the club, the more they follow on Twitter, Facebook, etc, etc.

At nearly 80,000 followers, the Raptors Twitter account doesn't seem to be doing so bad.

But you can bet that a playoff appearance next year would easily boost that number.