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RaptorsHQ TV - Taking Stock of the Highs and Lows From the Season that Was for the Toronto Raptors

In today's installment of RaptorsHQ TV, Franchise and Scott Campsall return to discuss what they thought were the highs as well as the lows from this past season for the Toronto Raptors.

There certainly were a number of lows to pick from this season, including losing two games to the league-worst Charlotte Bobcats, finishing with the eighth best odds at the number one pick, and also the slew of injuries to key players that the squad suffered over the course of the campaign.

On the flip side, highs were few and far between, but one might look to wins against Boston and Atlanta late in the season, or the back-to-back wins against Utah and Phoenix early on as possible high points for the Dinos. Or, as Franchise argues, perhaps the biggest high of the season is simply Dwane Casey and the mark he had on this team from day one.

Franchise and Scott Campsall debate their own personal highs and lows from the season that was for the Raptors, including some surprising, yet spirited discussion about the performance of Solomon Alabi and Ben Uzoh.