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Kris Joseph Ducks the New Jersey Draft Combine

Kris Joseph may have opted out of this combine but it's not the end of the world. <em>(Photo by Nate Shron/Getty Images)</em>
Kris Joseph may have opted out of this combine but it's not the end of the world. (Photo by Nate Shron/Getty Images)
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As we let you all in a few days ago on the Can Ball Report's Twitter feed, Kris Joseph was invited to the pre-Draft combine being hosted jointly by the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets and the Houston Rockets slated for this weekend. But no sooner than 12 hours (actually more like 8 or so) after we learned of this news we found out that Joseph has actually opted out of the according to's Twitter feed ...

Kris Joseph of Syracuse has dropped out of the mass workout sponsored by the .

This was also later reported by Ryan Wolstat of the Toronto Sun here giving it some credence late Thursday evening and I'm sure throughout Friday as well.

This is the first of the two big NBA Draft combines being held before the workout period starts prior to the NBA Draft and Joseph not appearing at this event may have some people wondering what's up.

Looking down the list of invitees, the majority seem to be second rounders at best and this may be something that they may be using to help their Draft position. Some of them may just be trying to get a look from a Euro scout and this is a pretty good place to do that.

Joseph is sitting somewhere in the early to mid second round right now depending on the mock Draft you're looking at and it's safe to say that he'll be at a few workouts combine or no combine. He'd have to do some serious tanking to be lodged any further than where he is presently I think and his rather tight movement only a few slots on the mock Drafts only bodes well for him, especially since so many players have declared early.

Regardless, Joseph skipping this event should not really make anyone fret too much. The big one is in Chicago towards the end of May and this pre pre-Draft combine will not be the one that has him hanging on the outside looking in.

Now if Joseph skips the Chicago combine well ...